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Do You Have Hard Water In Your Home? Here's What to Do!

Last updated 2 years ago


The presence of hard water can cause no end of trouble for homeowners, making it difficult to bathe and clean. Thankfully, professional assistance from a nearby Riverside plumber can address the issues caused by hard water. Continue reading to learn the basics of hard water and possible fixes:

Basics of Hard Water: The “hardness” of hard water is defined by the volume of cations, or positively charged minerals, present in the water. These minerals are added to flavor tap water and are completely harmless to the human body. Hard water may also occur naturally when water sources pass through permeable layers of rock underground. Areas that rely on groundwater are more likely to be afflicted with hard tap water.

Consequences for Households: Water carrying large quantities of cations can leave its mark on your home. Mineral scale build-up can be found in showers, dishwashers, and faucets as a white, unattractive film. However, hard water’s most harmful impacts are those a homeowner cannot see: Mineral build-up in sewage drains can eventually lead to debilitating clogs. Likewise, scale accumulation inside a water heater can lead to steadily increasing utility bills. Thankfully, emergency service from plumbers like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can address a hard water problem immediately.

Professional Solutions: No homeowner should be saddled with hard water for life. Installing a water softener provides a satisfying answer to all of your hard water problems, enabling extended appliance life, build-up-free plumbing, and faster water heating. Our H2O Harmony Water Conditioner is guaranteed to eliminate sediment and improve water taste.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing makes it simple to hire a Riverside plumber online. Visit our website today to review our convenient online service scheduler, or contact us by phone at (951) 547-2594.


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