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    3 Ways Plumbing Leaks Can Harm Your Home

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The next time you notice a slight drip in water pressure, low water pressure, or abnormally high water bills, call your local plumber at once. Even the slightest leaks can cause a huge amount of damage to your home, such as these three examples:

    Sprout Mold

    If water pools and sits, the conditions could be perfect for mold to grow. Mold is a fungus-like growth that releases spores. These airborne particles can be sucked into vents and blown throughout your home. Mold can cause many health problems, including lung infections, wheezing, asthma, and allergic reactions, especially in children. After you discover your leak and clean up the mess, scrub the area with detergent to inhibit any mold growth.

    Rot Wood

    Plumbing often runs near wood support beams within the walls of your house. Wood is a porous surface, and will absorb any liquid it comes in contact with. If leaked water gets on the wood and stays there too long, the wood can warp and rot from the outside in. The problems associated with this go far beyond just poor aesthetics and musty, unpleasant smells: If the wood rots in just the right place, such as on a support beam, your house could become at risk of collapse.

    Damage Furniture

    Plumbing is often laid beneath floorboards as well, which is where many people lay down carpets. A plumbing leak beneath the floorboard can not only rot carpet from below, but it can also drip through ceilings and damage furniture, paintings, and other décor. Wastewater from your pipes is full of bacteria that can cause disease, and even if the leaked water is clean, upholstery makes the perfect place for mold to not only grow, but also thrive.

    If you ever suspect that your pipes are leaking, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Riverside at (951) 547-2594. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency plumbing evaluations and repairs throughout Southern California. You can also visit our website for money-saving coupons.

    Tips for Dealing with Your Clogged Tub Drain

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Drains can clog up rather easily, leaving you with a bathtub full of dirty water. Luckily, by following four easy steps, you can remove the clog yourself before it causes any major inconvenience.

    In this video, a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing demonstrates these four steps. As you will see, they are relatively easy to do, such as cleaning debris out of the drain plug area and plunging. Click play to hear more about dealing with your clogged drains.

    No DIY approach to a clogged drain can top a quality inspection and repair by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Riverside. Call us at (951) 547-2594 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced plumbers.

    Common Causes of Slow and Clogged Drains

    Last updated 1 year ago

    There are few things more annoying than slow or clogged drains and pipes that take a long time to empty. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to take care of your drains and plumbing, you will likely have to deal with a clog at some point. Read on for some common causes of slow and clogged drains.

    Fibrous Foods

    Many homeowners use their garbage disposals as incinerators, using them to get rid of just about anything. However, contrary to popular belief, garbage disposals do not have blades; the spinning blade-shaped metal pieces are actually dull as a spoon, and cannot handle stringy foods like celery and cornhusks. One of two things will happen to these foods when you subject them to the garbage disposal—either the blades will wrap up the strands around itself like a spool of thread, or turn it into a giant ball that will clog up your pipes.


    Many homeowners have encountered a black, slimy growth in their drains. This is black mold, a type of fungi that causes respiratory problems and lung infections. If conditions are right, mold can build up to the point that it becomes dense and thick enough to stop up your drain completely. If you find mold growth in your drain, knock it out right away by scrubbing it once with soapy water and again with vinegar or bleach.

    Hair and Soap Scum

    Shed hair on its own isn’t necessarily a problem in shower drains, but introduce it to soapy run off and you’ve got all the ingredients for a clog. As soapy residue dries, it forms gluey soap scum which binds hair together into giant clumps. If this hair and soap scum to get caught in your shower trap or further down your pipes, water will drain very slowly, if at all.

    You never know when your drain might become clogged. That’s why Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Riverside offers 24-hour service seven days a week to help you solve your toughest plumbing repair needs before they get out of hand. Call us at (951) 547-2594 to set up an appointment.

    Looking For More Garbage Disposal Use And Water Quality Improvement Tips?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Most homeowners will probably experience a plumbing problem at some point in their lifetime. You can call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Riverside at (951) 547-2594 for swift service any time you have a plumbing need. To learn more about garbage disposal care and the benefits of water softening, visit the following websites.

    Visit this page from the U.S. Geological Survey to find out more about hard water.

    Read this article from Angie’s List to find out what items you should keep out of your garbage disposal.

    Learn more about garbage disposals by visiting

    Read this tutorial to learn how to flush out your water heater to see if hard water is leaving sediment deposits inside.

    This story from shows you the consequences of pouring grease down your kitchen sink.

    "It was a pleasure to have these guys work in my home."

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